Technical and Other Questions

This page contains a list of common questions about setting up your Bay Race, tracking your results, and sharing with others. If you have a question that's not on this page or think something should be added, contact us by email or by text 510-288-9753

Tracking Program SODISP

The Bay Race uses the Socially Distance Sports Tracking System (SODISP). You will receive a verification code and instructions in an email when you sign up for the event.


SODISP will require you to create a new, free account if you don't have one already. This is different from the registration program and will be a second thing to sign up for.

Here's a link to the Bay Race on SODISP.

When you Join event on this page, the system will prompt you to create a new account. Once you do, use the 'Special Code' to connect to your event. If you didn't receive this email, check the spam in your email or contact us.

Issues with Teams

If you are creating a new team, register for The Bay Race and get going with SODISP. There will likely be a lag time between your first sign in and your team appearing in the system. This should resolve within a day.


If you a joining an existing team, you can register for the race, create an account/log into SODISP and get going. The system will connect you to your team within 24-hours but there's no need to wait. Start logging your miles now and we will make sure that they find their way to your team results.

If you want a friend to join your team, tell them to sign up and select your team during registration. If there's a problem, we'll help you.

Tracking devices and programs

SODISP connects directly to these devices: Coros, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Suunto. For all other devices, including AppleWatch and Peloton, use Strava. Strava accounts are free and this platform has a lot of handy training tools, on top of managing more connections that SODISP ever could on its own. You may choose to connect through a supported device, like Garmin, through Strava.

Fitbit issues and other connection issues

SODISP tracks activities that have a beginning and end. So if you use a device that tracks your activity during the day, the data may not appear in the system. This is a common challenge with Fitbit users. 

Is there a Strava Club for The Bay Race?

Yes, there is! This is an invitation-only club so if you're registered for the race or simply want to be part of the community, ask to join here.

Logging stationary bike workouts

Through Strava, SODISP automatically tracks mileage from Peloton and Zwift. Not all programs track mileages for their indoor bike workouts though. (AppleWatch for example.) If you want to track miles using a device that doesn't offer mileage, you'll need to enter your workout manually. We recommend the following table of mileage so that your indoor miles will be tracked comparably to Peloton.

1 hour = 19.5 miles

45 minutes = 14.25 miles

30 minutes = 9.5 miles

Other stationery workout issues

Activities that don't have some kind of GPS tracking won't necessarily offer a distance or at least won't offer them to SODISP. If your workout is appearing with no mileage, this may be an issue, especially if you're using a treadmill. GPS tracking has been an issue with Fitbit. Remember you can track any activity manually. 

Where is manual tracking

To track your workout manually, log into SODISP and select Manual entry from the Profile menu. Your profile is underneath the silhouette icon at the top of the SODISP page:

drop down.png

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