Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start and end?

Registration for The Bay Race opens on ​October 15, 2020. The race itself runs between January 1 and April 15. You can join the race at any time during that time period. The 'end' is different for each athlete. The Bay Race can take you up to 100 days. For some, it may only take a few weeks though, depending on how far you go each day. Either way, once you hit 310 miles and virtually storm into San Francisco, the race is over. YOU DID IT!

Having problems? contact us by email or by text at 510-288-9753

What are the events?

There are 3 Events in The Bay Race. 2 are for individuals and 1 is for teams. They are: 

  • Run/Walk for runners and walkers. This can be any form of walking or running, including using a treadmill. 

  • Indoor/Outdoor Bike. This can include riding on an indoor trainer and is meant for athletes that log miles on the road or trail on an outdoor bike. Indoor miles on a trainer count, too. This includes your Petolon, Wahoo, stationary bike, or any kind of trainer. It is Winter, after all.

  • NEW Bike/Run/Walk. Combine all your mileage indoor or outdoors into one race-in-place journey! Your bike, running, walking will all be combined seamlessly on our leaderboard.

  • 500k/310 mile Run/Walk Team Challenge. Your team can be any size and the activity is walking, or running, including using a treadmill. This is a great option for friends and co-workers. You can also add team members at any time. Interested in creating a division for the bike or Peleton? Email us. 

How do I track miles?

Your progress will be tracked on the Socially Distanced Sports (SODISP) platform. You will receive log in information when you register. Once you are logged into SODISP, you can either enter mileage manually or (recommended!) you can connect your account to either Strava or Garmin. If you use Strava, you will also be able to have your data upload automatically from Apple Watch, Fitbit, Peleton, and a number of other devices. It's easy and Strava is free. Click here to go to Strava and setup your own account.

What miles count?

Any kind of walking, running, or cycling you do for exercise ultimately counts for The Bay Race. Steps you get in around the house during the work day or doing chores do not count.

What do I get?

A lot, it turns out. Each registered athlete gets stuff: a race shirt in one of two colors, a finishers media, and a race bib. You also receive offers for free Bellwether Farms cheese and yogurt with each 50-mile Resolution Badge you earn and discounts at Sports Basement.

More than this though, you get an experience that lasts up to 4 months, with moments to reflect and experiences to share. The Bay Race encourages you to dig into 2020 and think about how to make 2021 that much better.

When do I get my shirt and medal?

Dates for pickup at Sports Basement are TBD and sometime after January 15. If you ask us to mail yours, expect it in roughly the same time frame.

How do teams work?

A team can be any size and you can add to your team once it is setup. Together you work to meet the overall goal of traveling 310 miles. How you manage your effort as a team is up to you. You can all work at once or you can split up the miles and log them at different times. Currently, only walking or running miles count for the relay. Have a problem with your team, take a look at the Technical Support FAQ or contact us. 

Can my work do this?

Yes! The Bay Race is great for companies as a way to create camaraderie and connection at a time when we can't go to the office. You can have individual racers or teams. We allow you to create competitions between departments with incentives and all kinds of creative options. Some companies choose to set up a 'Corporate Challenge' where some or all of the race registration is covered as part of a donation to Seneca. Contact us to learn more. The best companies create matching challenges with your fundraising. (wink)

Who does this help?

The Bay Race raises money to provide mental health services to young people and families. We have all felt the mental and emotional toll of 2020 and the weight of this is felt most by those with the fewest resources and opportunities. Our aim is to raise over $100,000 for Seneca and when you help, you can target your giving directly to the community you can about most. Click here to see the different communities and fundraisers for this year's race.


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