The Bay Race

January 1, 2021 - April 15 2021

Welcome to The Bay Race!


> ANNOUNCING: TWO NEW CHALLENGES! We have created two new Bay Races to challenge you from now until April 15.

  1. The Three Bridge Challenge is a 100-mile challenge that travels clockwise around the San Mateo, Golden Gate, and Richmond/San Rafael Bridges. 3BC is raising money to support Running for a Better Oakland. Click here for registration and to learn more.

  2. The Bay Race ULTRA starts where The Bay Race ends. It's a total distance challenge that takes you down the California Coast and challenges you to go as many miles as you can between now and April 15. ULTRA is designed for our Bay Race finishers to keep going but anyone can take part. It's fun and the course is being created as you racers finish. Register here. 

Signed up but having problems? Check out the Technical Support FAQ under the SUPPORT menu. Or click here.  Having problems? You can also contact us by email or by text at 510-288-9753

Introducing: 7-day grace period for synced activities for The Bay Race. You missed signing up before January 1 but there's still plenty of time. And to help you get going, we will automatically sync with your last 7 days of activity. You can manually enter activities before that if you want them included in your total.

Visit our blog for a running list of News and Updates.


Starting January 1, put 2020 way in your rearview mirror with The Bay Race. This running/cycling virtual race challenges you to go 310 miles on your own, wherever you are. You can get your miles at home on a treadmill, bike trainer, or Peloton or outdoors. As you gather mileage, we plot your progress around the San Francisco Bay Area, starting at Crissy Field in San Francisco, traveling south through the Silicon Valley, up along the East Bay as far North as Napa and Petaluma. Follow your progress each day, seamlessly with our tracking system. You have up to 100 days to get it done. That's 3.1 miles a day. The Bay Race ends April 15.

The Bay Race is about you.


This is more than a race. The Bay Race helps you travel through all the challenges of 2020. Every 50 miles, you'll receive a Resolution Badge that recognizes something that got you through 2020 and will make you STRONGER in 2021: Initiative, Determination, Good Humor, and Friendship name a few. By the time you reach final badge for the last 10 miles, you'll roar, "Heck ya! Bring 2021! It's on!" 

The Bay Race takes you there.

Whether you're a serious endurance athlete or part of a group of friends who want to walk as a team, The Bay Race has something for you. All our athletes virtually follow a real course that goes along the San Francisco Bay Trail. Along the way, you receive notes about the scenery along with actual runs and rides from our Bay Race Guides. These are all places you can visit to make your own memories. If you're in the Bay Area, use this as a reason to see places you don't know, or that you haven't seen in a while. Wherever you are, we will race together and share memories on Facebook. Who knows? There may even be a meetup or three.

Visit the Race Info and FAQ sections to see the outline of events, the course, and to learn more about our tracking system.

Together, we support our Seneca.


2020 has been hard on all of us, with the toll being felt hardest by those with the fewest resources and the least support. The Bay Race is proud to work with Seneca to support mental health services for youth and families. Uniquely, Seneca serves every community The Bay Race virtually touches, as well as the Central Coast, Southern California, and Washington. The Bay Race Challenge challenges all our athletes to give or raise $100,000 to these communities and you can tailor your giving or fundraising exactly to the communities that mean most to you. The one thing we know for certain in all places: Seneca's model for Unconditional Care could never be more important for a Breakout 2021.


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December 24, 2020

New Bike/Run/Walk added

We have added a new event to The Bay Race that allows you to combine your mileage from biking, running, and walking both indoors and outdoors.

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November 20, 2020

The Medals are here!

The first shipment of medals have arrived. They look great!

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October 5, 2020

Introducing SODISP

We have chosen the athlete tracking program from Socially Distanced Sports (SODISP) our athlete tracking technology. This system is unique in how easily it integrates with Strava and other devices.

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